You are currently viewing Taskbot V5.3 – A Professional Freelancer Marketplace WordPress Plugin

Taskbot V5.3 – A Professional Freelancer Marketplace WordPress Plugin

Launching a freelance marketplace website has never been easier than with Taskbot – A Freelancer Marketplace WordPress Plugin for freelancers. With this powerful plugin, you can easily create a professional-looking and fully functional marketplace to connect buyers and sellers in any field or discipline!

Create post-types for your freelance listings.

Taskbot wordpress plugin makes it easy to set up custom post-types for your freelance listings, making it easier than ever to list job openings and other opportunities without breaking a sweat. You can customize the post-type fields however you want, giving you full control over how your freelance listings appear and function. With Taskbot plugin, your freelance marketplace will look professional and work like a charm!

Integrate payment gateways for secure transactions.

Taskbot makes it easy to integrate secure payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and Amazon Pay into your freelance marketplace. This makes it easy for freelancers to get paid in a secure way, as well as for clients to review invoices prior to payment. This also helps ensure that only reputable buyers and sellers are transacting on your freelance marketplace.

Connect your website to popular job boards and job search engines.

With Taskbot, it’s easy to connect your website with popular job boards and job search engines such as Indeed, Dice, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. This makes it easy to find new clients and jobs quickly, allowing freelancers to focus on their work instead of searching for jobs. Whenever a job is posted on one of these sites, it is automatically synced to the marketplace so freelancers can access the new opportunities right away.

Customize user profiles and project settings with powerful options.

Taskbot V5.3 comes with powerful customization options that allow you to give each freelancer and job poster the exact settings they need. You can choose from a variety of security measures such as creating specific user roles, setting up payment methods and review systems, or customizing project details for different tasks. With these features, creating an efficient and secure freelancer marketplace is easy!

Secure task management system with authentication and authorization.

With Taskbot, setting up an authentication and authorization system for your freelancer marketplace is easy — giving you full control over who can access what. You can choose specific user roles to add different levels of authorization to create secure projects, and you can use two-factor authentication to give increased security to certain users or tasks. Additionally, Taskbot V5.3 also offers password reset functionality in case any user forgets their login details.


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