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Have you had a reiki healing treatment before? Do you wonder what might happen after the session, or if you will experience any side effects?

Reiki healing therapy is recognised as a form of complementary therapy. Simply put, reiki is a method for healing the body using touch. As a Reiki Master trained in the Japanese tradition, I would place my hands lightly on your body and channel energy, utilizing breathing techniques and mystical symbols as tools. Your body has the capacity to heal itself, but you must keep an open mind and believe that this is possible. In much the same way that we use yoga as a gentle method of exercise, so we use reiki therapy as a gentle method of healing and easing mental illness.

What happens after the session?

Following your first reiki therapy session, you could feel any number of sensations. Your mind might feel lighter and less busy. Your body might feel better, with those niggling aches and pains feeling less severe than they were before. We all respond differently to energy therapy, and it depends very much on the individual. I received my first treatment following years of meditation practice, so I wasn’t surprised to feel differently without any obvious changes.

Reiki is a subtle method of energy healing, and you will feel it in ways that you cannot explain. It should leave you feeling happier and more relaxed, but in some situations, it might provoke you to cry, feel angry or feel another less pleasant emotion. Sometimes we need a good cry to purge the negative energy from our bodies, and if you have been holding on to grief, hurt, confusion or a feeling of abandonment, then I would not be surprised if you did cry after your session. Always remember that the room in which you are treated is a sacred space. Everything you say and do is confidential, much like when you visit your doctor. Your reiki therapist will hold space for you to release what you need to.

Dry Bathing to clear your body

This is an exercise I use as part of my reiki self-healing practice. Stand with your feet flat on the floor, relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply. When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder. As you breathe out, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away anything that you don’t need, such as intrusive thoughts and negative habits. Take another deep breath, place your left hand on your right shoulder, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away those negative thoughts and habits. Finally, take another deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder, and as you breathe out, sweep across your body with the same intention of clearing negativity.

Remember to drink water!

It is funny how we forget the simple things that make such a big difference. Water is freely available in the Western world, and we often take it forgranted. Think about how many times you drink tea or coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juice and alcohol. Each of these is laden with chemicals, sugar, and gasses that react with our bodies to create or aid disease. Remember to drink water throughout the day and you can restore the balance inside your body. This is doubly important when you have a reiki therapy session because you never know what your body is doing from the inside out. Cheers to your good health and happiness!

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Do you miss hugging your friends? It still feels strange to meet up with people that I love and not being able to get close or touch them. But then we have found alternative ways to show our love during these times of pandemic and social distancing.

I still receive lots of hugs from my children, but it’s not the same as a hug from my friends. I miss having a hug from my mum. I miss seeing my mum right now, since my county has moved into the “High Risk” Tier 2 category in England. Mum lives in a “Medium Risk” Tier 1 area just thirty miles away, but I’m not allowed into her house now. We make do with lots of phone calls and we send random What’s App messages with jokes, funny photos, and updates from our daily life, which eases the pain of absence. And I appreciate that some of my friends are missing their parents having lost them either to Covid or other illness.

One method I use at home when alone is my reiki self-healing. Since joining The Reiki Association as a Reiki Master I have worked in distance healing circles with established members of the community, and it feels amazing. Another helpful tool for me is my Naipo massage cushion. I have two of these cushions, gifted to me at different times from Naipo in return for product reviews. One is a throw pillow that you charge up and can use on the sofa or on your favourite chair. This is a good one in the evenings when I am relaxing in front of the TV. My other massage cushion is more structured and can only be used when plugged in to an electrical socket. I use this one at my worktable while I’m using the computer. It helps improve my posture, it warms my body, and it feels wonderful.

And, finally, we don’t always need human touch. Who has a dog or cat at home? I am so thankful to have had my dog, Marley during lockdown. He had only been with us for a couple of months and was still settling in, but one thing Marley loves is cuddles. He buries his face in the crook of my arm, lies across my knee, and we snuggle for ages. The sound of his gentle breathing calms me and I remember that the pandemic won’t last forever. We will hug each other again, one day. Until then, keep smiling and stay safe.

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Love horror and all things supernatural? Then this giveaway is for you.

Download Return of the Vampire Hunter for FREE today.

Return of the Vampire Hunter is pure urban fantasy with a hint of seduction thrown in for good measure. Set in Manchester, Northern England, it is a contemporary story with all the darkness of classic Gothic monsters.

Just your average Cheshire housewife – who used to hunt vampires!

Hannah Oakley used to be a vampire hunter. She retired from active service when she fell in love with the female vampire she was hunting, but old wounds refuse to heal. She and the vampire fought almost to the death, and now it seems that the vampire has tracked her down. Hannah must return to work, grudgingly accepting help from a new hunting partner, and she is determined that this time she will finish the job. But can she ignore the old lust for her vampire lover? Is the mother able to be a vampire hunter one more time? And will her marriage survive the ordeal?

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Join us at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort to make memories that will last a lifetime as we celebrate the most special time of the year with ‘LEGOLAND at Christmas’. Our festive event transforms the Park into a winter wonderland, complete with twinkling lights, snow dusted trees, and of course…a sprinkling of LEGO® magic!

This year we have exciting new festivities to enjoy including LEGO Friends Carol Singing, a fun DUPLO Puppet pantomime and an amazing Holiday Harbour lights show featuring a very special guest – all never been seen at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort before. We also have our amazing rides and attractions for all the family to enjoy together making this one bumper Christmas day out!

Whilst Father Christmas won’t be able to invite anyone into his Grotto this year due to social distancing, you and your family will be able to see him as he makes his way through the park on his very own magical sleigh – a sight to delight all the family! Don’t forget to wave to his elves.

● Access to LEGOLAND® at Christmas with selected rides, attractions & entertainment.

● See Father Christmas driving his sleigh through the park.

● 2 days for 1 access to selected LEGOLAND Rides (on selected dates)

● 1-night stay in a LEGO-themed family room

● Delicious breakfast

● Festive evening entertainment for the whole family

● Splash and play in the indoor water play area and swimming pool

● Christmas letter & LEGOLAND gift for all children staying at a LEGOLAND hotel

Prices start from £289 for a family of 4

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Everyone loves a good ghost story, and since Halloween is around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about all things spooky and otherworldly. Fortunately, the world is never short of a ghost story, and every country and culture has some site or location that its people believe to be haunted. Research shows that the United States is the top scariest country globally with more reports of ghosts and UFO sightings than any other country. If you are a thrill seeker and are looking for a new adventure, why not visit some of the spookiest destinations around the world? Even if you are not a fan of the paranormal, you can learn more fascinating stories and see beautiful locations. To help you prepare for your next ghostly adventure, here are some haunted locations to consider visiting.

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, United States

Image Credit

The Eastern State Penitentiary was constructed in 1829 and closely resembled a castle. The prison practised an extreme form of solitary confinement; prisoners did every single activity alone: they ate alone and worked out by themselves. In cases where inmates had to leave their cells, guards covered their heads with hoods to ensure that they would not see or be seen by other prisoners. Although the state prison shut down in 1971, its 191-year old history is filled with stories of torture, suicide, madness, and murder. Thus, it is very easy to imagine that people who died there have become troubled souls that roam the abandoned location’s hallways.

Several staff members that worked there reported paranormal incidents and haunted stories they witnessed. For example, they noticed the echoing voices in Block 12 and saw visions of ghostly faces in Block 4. Today, the prison serves as a site that welcomes visitors to participate in its Halloween tour and check out the museum. 

  1. Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quince, France

The Chateau de Brissac is one of the tallest castles in France with an impressive seven-stories. But even more unique, and a tad bit spooky, is that it is home to the “La Dame Verte” or “The Green Lady,” also known as Charlotte of France. Her husband murdered Charlotte after he discovered her affair (he killed her while she wore a green dress, hence her name). Many people have reported spotting The Green Lady roaming in the tower room and moaning in the wee hours of the morning. 

  1. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Built in the 17th century, The Castle of Good Hope is one of Cape Town’s oldest buildings. People believe that many ghosts still reside in the trading fort, and there have been multiple sightings of Lady Anne Barnard, the first lady of the then colony. There are other stories of a soldier who hung himself in the bell tower, noted for ringing by itself. There have also been numerous sightings of a black dog that approaches visitors before disappearing. Today, many workers at the castle still report paranormal incidents. Guards prefer to walk around the castle at night instead of passing through the main grounds for fear of meeting ghosts. 

  1. Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

The Swissotel stands tall with 73 floors, and if you are looking for an unusual paranormal encounter, it might be the right place for you to visit. Several Trip Advisor reviewers report occurrences like strange noises, knocks on the door that revealed no visitors, and furniture moving independently. 

It is believed that the hotel was built on execution grounds occupied by the Japanese Army during the Second World War. Most of the haunted happenings tend to occur on the 59th and 60th floors. If you are looking for an encounter with ghosts during your vacation in Singapore, the Swissotel is the best place to book your room. If not, there are many other private accommodations in Singapore rent room at affordable rates. That way, you can choose to visit the hotel and learn its history before heading back to the comfort of your room. 

  1. Larnach Castle, New Zealand

Image Credit

Larnach Castle was built in the late 19th century by a prominent politician named William Larnach. It is best known for its 3,000-square foot ballroom, which Larnach gifted to his daughter on her 21st birthday. Unfortunately, she died some years later on her 26th birthday. Larnach’s daughter is said to haunt the ballroom to date, with visitors reporting a sense of being watched or feeling an unseen presence tap their shoulders. It is worth a visit if you are looking for a spooky thrill. 

Ghost hunting and learning about the paranormal is an exciting activity that you can add to your list of world travel destinations. Not only do you have the chance to see something otherworldly, but also learn about other cultures and histories. Before you set out, though, ensure that you are well-versed on the current travel restrictions.

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Here are 5 simple self-care routines that you can practice at home to ensure good mental health and improve gut health:

1. Drink water

This is such a simple practice and yet one that so many people overlook when they feel unwell. Water is freely available in the Western world, and yet we seem to favour hot drinks and fizzy pop. Try to drink a glass of water with your meals or balance your coffee intake with water throughout the day.

2, Deep breathing exercise

Stop what you are doing. Put down your phone or tablet. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply, bringing the breath from as low down in your body as you can. Hold for a few seconds. And release. Repeat this a few times until you feel your body begin to relax. Your heart rate will slow down, your mind will slow down, and you will feel better.

3, Dry Bathing

This is an exercise I use as part of my reiki self-healing practice. When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder. As you breathe out, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away the negative energy. Take another deep breath, place your left hand on your right shoulder, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away the negative energy. Finally, take another deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder, and as you breathe out, sweep across your body with the same intention of clearing negativity.

4, Sleep Better

Many people struggle to sleep well. Try listening to soothing music as you fall asleep, perhaps a meditation playlist or relaxing sounds. I find our Alexa Echo Dot device very helpful when I’m struggling. Avoid eating and drinking unhealthy foods close to bedtime. Try to drink water at least an hour before you go to bed so that you can clear the toxins (make sure you go to the toilet!)

5, Eat more Mindfully

Be aware of the food you consume. I notice that when I eat more stodgy food such as bread and pasta it affects my bowel movements and leaves me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. It helps if you can balance your meals with lighter foods, more vegetables and fruit for nutrients, and try to eat less processed meals if possible. Balance and moderation are key here.

Tell me if you find these practices helpful and share your tips in the comments.

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Hello Autumn! I love this time of year. Maybe it is because my Dry Eye Syndrome seems to improve, and the pain recedes ever so slightly before we hit the cold depths of winter. Maybe I just feel more productive because I prefer shorter days and longer nights. Sunlight can be too powerful for my sensitive eyes, and sometimes I even struggle on a cloudy day when the white light is too intense. Here is my take on the Chronic Voice link-up prompts:


Autumn is my most productive time of year, and this time I am producing early results for my brand-new business, Goldstone Reiki. I set up a website and social media pages at the end of September, and I am already booking in clients, practicing reiki healing treatments, and continuing my professional development.


In order to set up my new business I had to acquire better skills in the boring side of business: planning, administration, and cash flow forecast. Having always shied away from anything involving numbers and maths, this has proved quite a positive experience for me as I acquired new-found self confidence in my ability to crunch numbers and develop a sound business idea.


My mind is busy switching from one business to another as I continue to run my SpookyMrsGreen blog while simultaneously working on Goldstone Reiki. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but mostly I am happy to switch between two jobs that I find satisfying and rewarding. I am lucky to be here, and grateful for all my experiences.


I couldn’t find much to be disappointed about recently, although I am anxiously waiting to see if my planned family holiday in Wales will go ahead at half-term… no more lockdowns, please! I did finish reading Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez and found it disappointing. It’s a book I had wanted to read for some time, but when I finally gave it my attention, I found the content dry and decidedly depressing. It didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, apart from presenting long paragraphs of facts and figures that were quite difficult to read and make sense of. Not a book I would recommend, unfortunately.


I joined The Reiki Association as part of my continued professional development, and during the past few weeks I have joined in with some group reiki energy shares and meditations. I look forward to forming new friendships and meeting a whole new network of practitioners and spiritual people that could widen my perspectives and help me grow into a new phase of life.

Chronic Voice Link-Up

I joined the social network for A Chronic Voice because I needed to find people who understand what life is like with chronic illness, people like me. Today I have written a post using the October link-up prompts, to show my experience of living with a chronic pain disorder. Click here to find other blog posts from fellow chronic pain sufferers, or #spoonies as we call ourselves online.

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It seems reading has become even more popular during recent times and with books flying off the virtual shelf at Waterstones there seems to be no slowing down.

As we get ready for the popular festive season Waterstones welcomes hundreds of new big title books in from Robert Harris, Captain Tom, Jacqueline Wilson and many more.

Hundreds of new titles with selected discounts on popular titles

You can still get Up to Half Price Books and Free Delivery on orders over £20.

And for those extra special gifts, look for the limited edition and signed editions on Waterstones with signed editions from Gareth Southgate, Catlin Moran and Will Young to name a few – Click here.

You can also order The Redcliffe Novels from Waterstones, and here’s a link for Heart of the Vampire (A Redcliffe Novel) Book 5Click here.

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Your home is your pride and joy, but it could now also be your central point of work for your business, or because you are now working from home. If you’re now working from home, you may be in it for the long-term as things with coronavirus certainly aren’t dying down. As we get used to the new normal, it’s time to think about creating the perfect home office space to enjoy and keep you productive. 

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

When choosing where to set up your home office, you need to think about the traffic running through your home and the noise levels from both indoors and outdoors. You have to think about noise that you may hear from the street and also any noise you may hear indoors from things such as the kids having the TV on. If you place it near the kitchen, family room, or bathroom, then you may end up with a lot of distractions. If you don’t have space in your home for the perfect office location it may be worth working with architects to design an extension or replan of the layout on your home. However, if you have small children, it might be ideal to have your office near the playroom so you can keep your eye on them better. 

Although you may feel as you want to go mad with decorating, creating your space, and adding in loads of stationary, however,  it’s best to keep it simple. Keep the walls neutral and add some pictures, you need it to not be a distracting area. You should also try to keep your desk clean with as little clutter as possible. If you need a lot of stationary or supplies, it may be worth getting a desk tidy and some under-desk storage. 

Your home office should ideally be somewhere that easily blends with the rest of your home. If your office is visible from other areas of your home, think about how it blends. The style and colours should ideally be complementary and not clash. If your office space is sitting in your dining room or living room, for example, try to have the desk match the other furniture in the room, and keep the area clean and tidy, in similar colours to the room it’s situated. 

There have been studies that show that when people work in natural light they absorb more vitamin D, sleep better, are more productive, and have fewer eye problems. Light can boost your mood and keep you away from stress and anxiety too. Not to mention, if you make sure there is plenty fo natural light in your office, there will be less need for you to have the lights on, thus, reducing your electricity bill. 

These are four great ways to create the perfect office space in your home for you to enjoy your working from home experience. Id there anything that you have done to your working space to make it perfect for your home? Please share them in the comments below.

Image Credit

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Have you experienced Reiki healing energy? Do you work with energy in other forms, such as meditation, martial arts, yoga or similar? How does it feel for you?

I have been practising Reiki healing meditation for four years and it has transformed me in ways that I cannot properly explain. Outwardly I am the same person. I look the same. I live the same, quiet life. I am an average woman approaching middle age. But internally there have been massive changes, most notably in my response to the world and the situations I experience.

During my teens and twenties I suffered with anxiety. Back then it wasn’t recognised as a formal illness and I never understood why I got so worked up about simple activities. I remember my dad once asking me to telephone for a pizza takeaway and I really didn’t want to do it. Talk to a stranger on the phone?! How could I?!! This was the landline, by the way, before we had mobile phones. My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty, I wanted to burst into tears. I think I was sixteen at the time. Then I learned to drive, and before I got in my car to travel anywhere, even just across town, I had to talk myself down from panic and stress responses. I had no idea what these feelings were, and I thought I was being weak, so I never told anyone how I felt. I basically told myself not to be weak, and I powered through.

Many years later, after the digital revolution and while I was at home nursing my babies, I began to learn more about myself and these strange, intrusive feelings. People began to talk about mental illness in the public sphere, and I began to learn about my husband and other family members who suffered with mental illness. I began to separate out my responses to situations and recognise when I needed to resolve them. And then I discovered Reiki healing therapy.

Reiki is a process that takes time and effort. In the beginning I avoided my reiki teacher, never committing to a class because I didn’t have time; I had my children to look after, my house to deal with, my business to build. When could I possibly sit still and meditate? With some gentle persuasion, I signed up for my first reiki course. And that was it. From that moment on, my life began to improve dramatically. The people around me didn’t change. I changed. I have become better able to control my moods (although I do still snap on a regular basis – classic redhead syndrome), I sleep soundly at night, I listen to my body when it tells me to rest or to eat more healthy, or stop a particularly disruptive habit. I don’t take on other people’s problems personally. I am here to support and listen, and I will offer guidance and advice if asked, but it is not my job to fix people or their lives. We must take responsibility for ourselves. That is the biggest lesson that Reiki has taught me, and one that I am incredibly grateful to have received.

If you live in the mid Cheshire area (UK), look at my new website, Goldstone Reiki, and please consider booking in for a reiki therapy treatment. You will be amazed at the results! Love and light, my friends.

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